March 9 - Militzer & Münch has restructured its German operations to bring M&M Militzer & Münch, M&M air sea cargo and M&M Militzer & Münch Deutsche Holding under one managerial unit.

"One of the firm goals of Militzer & Münch is to further develop our services in the road, sea and air segments and thus our presence in Germany", said Dr. Lothar Thoma, ceo of M&M Militzer & Münch International Holding.

"In order to support our growth strategy and to enhance the cooperation of the units in Germany among each other as well as within the Militzer & Münch Group worldwide, we have decided on instituting one joint management."

Thoma and Klaus Jäger will now serve as managing directors of M&M Militzer & Münch and M&M air sea cargo. The company has also united the sales teams from both units.

Sven-Boris Brunner, former managing director of M&M Militzer & Münch, will now concentrate on a new task within the TransInvest Group with a focus on consultation and business development in Iran.



Lothar Thoma and Klaus Jäger