April 18 - Nooteboom presented a ten-axle Manoovr semi low loader at the bauma exhibition with a detachable Multidolly and a maximum payload of 150 tonnes.

Although the Manoovr trailer was launched in October 2015, the ten-axle model is a "world first", according to Nooteboom.

With a transport capacity of 150 tonnes at speeds of up to 80 km/h, the trailer is the largest Manoover low loader with the highest payload to be delivered, said Nooteboom.

The trailer features a low load floor of 780 mm, a low deadweight and a single of double extendable load floor, with optional extra width extension. The steering of the rear axle assembly can be easily adjusted when the floor is extended, added the manufacturer.


On show at the bauma exhibition was also a five-axle Manoovr trailer, which offers a payload of 12 tonnes per axle line and a total capacity of 85 tonnes.

Nooteboom states that more than 250 axle lines of its Manoovr trailer have been sold and delivered since its launch last year.