February 16 - A recent shipment by Nurminen Logistics was the furthest overland journey in the company's 125 years of existence.

The cargo consisted of oversized parts for a paper making machine, with a width of 4.2 m.

Loaded in Sundsvall, Sweden, the machine was destined for Bratsk in Siberia, Russia. Whilst, Nurminen Logistics has handled a significant project to Bratsk by rail within the last couple of years, it says that this particular load was too wide to be taken by rail.

The driver, Pasi Vornanen began his journey in Sweden on January 3, accompanied by one pilot car as required by the Russian special transport permit, arriving in Bratsk 16 days after that, on January 19. Vomanen arrived back in Finland on February 5, which represented a total driving distance of more than 14,000 km.

Nurminen Logistics says that the transport went as planned, and both the equipment and driver endured the tough Siberian conditions well - although the temperature dropped down to - 42 degrees Celcius.

Nurminen Logistics is a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network in Finland.