September 12 - Over the past few years, Nurminen Logistics of Finland, which is a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network, has made several special deliveries to Belarus and this summer was no exception with the delivery of three large tanks f

The largest tanks delivered by Nurminen Logistics were five metres in diameter and the heaviest weighed 122 tonnes. Due to the strict axle weight restrictions in Lithuania and Belarus, a 4-axle truck and a 16-axle trailer were used for the job. 

The journey from the point of loading to the place of delivery was around 1,300 km and despite the many challenges encountered on route, the deliveries were made in less time than scheduled, which Nurminen Logistics says was down to its drivers professionalism and their familiarity with the conditions in Lithuania and Belarus, as well as the seamless cooperation with Nurminen's partner SIA Ultima and the local authorities.

The CEE is a global network for cargo equipment owners such as hauliers, crane operators, tug and barge operators, stevedores and export packers, port operators, surveyors and air cargo handling equipment owners and supporting industry, serving the heavy and outsized cargo industry.