October 11 - Outotec has selected Nurminen Logistics, a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network in Finland, as its partner for the delivery of a concentrating plant to the Russian city of Chelyabinsk.

The Outotec's contract involves logistics planning for the entire concentrating plant, the principal process equipment for flotation and dehydration including 12 of the world's largest TankCell® 300 flotation cells, the Proscon® automation system, instrumentation and electrification, as well as spare parts and services for the supervision of installation, start-up and training. The equipment deliveries will take place this year and 2013.

The Outotec delivery to Chelyabinsk is an important project for Nurminen. It involves transport both by railway and road.

The majority of the equipment will be loaded in Nurminen's Hamina terminal, which the Finish company says is an excellent loading location both geographically and in terms of its other attributes. Numerous special deliveries are linked to the project by both road and rail. Dozens of normal loads and container transports will also take place.

Nurminen Logistics will be responsible for all the logistics activities, including transport, documentation, loading and other terminal work, such as the labelling of containers. The total volume of the materials to be transported is approximately 17,000 cu m.

Nurminen Logistics has been Outotec's logistics partner several times prior to this project. In August/September 2012, Nurminen delivered over 3,000 cu m of Outotecs equipment from Estonia to Kotelnikovo in the Volgograd region.