The Project Cargo Network (PCN) is encouraging its members to take part in a virtual meeting week commencing August 3, 2020 using its recently launched one-to-one booking system application.

The network started to develop the app following the cancellation of its annual summit amid Covid-19 restrictions, as HLPFI reported here

The booking system, which is free to PCN members, officially launched on July 1, 2020 with over 150 participants booking on to it. Key features include the ability to make notes on each meeting, and one-to-one messaging that allows participants to engage with each other before, during and after the virtual meeting week – which runs August 3-7.

“We want to ensure that PCN continues to evolve and provide our members with a strong networking platform so that they are in the best position possible when the outbreak dissipates,” explained president and ceo Rachel Crawford.

She added that PCN has kept in contact with its members via regular Zoom meetings, and is impressed with the resilience of its member companies coping with new pressures of the Covid-19 climate: “The support they have given each other is tremendous and I have no doubt that the PCN family will emerge more resilient than ever before.”