April 14 - Project Cargo Network (PCN) members from across the globe have been busy executing a wide range of project cargo shipments recently.

Russia based Glogos teamed up with fellow PCN member in Turkey, Element International Forwarding and Logistics, to transport three transformers plus auxiliary equipment from Bandirma to the Port of Novorossiysk.

Each transformer measured 6.55 m x 3.02 m x 4.25 m and weighed 98.52 tonnes.

Glogos delivers transformer to Novorossiysk.

Iran's Aryamasir International Transport worked with Italy based Fortune International Transport to coordinate the delivery of five Manotti cranes from Genoa to Bandar Abbas.

General manager at Aryamasir, Afshin Daryaie commented: "Fortune International Transport had the main role in this project by loading and handling the cranes from Genoa to Bandar Abbas as well as sourcing and managing the sales job. Aryamasir then handled the delivery of the cargo to the final destination in Iran as well as liaising with the receiver."

One Manotti ARM600 crane, weighing 145 tonnes, being loaded on Messina Lines' Jolly Vanadio.

During March, Australian PCN member Westlink Logistics safely completed the delivery of 14 lengths of rail, each measuring 50 m long, from China.

Westlink worked with ship owners, port and transport authorities, haulage and crane contractors to ensure that the movement of the cargo from China to Australia was safe and seamless, whilst ensuring that the manufacturer's guidelines for allowable bending and handling were not compromised

In Saudi Arabia, On Dot Freight transported six transformers, plus supporting accessories, to Tabuk and Jazan. Ismail Afthab, managing partner at On Dot, stated: "The TM2500 transformer was our main scope of work, which is an aero-derivative gas turbine generator set and comprises of a main turbine, generators, stingers and jeep dolly.

"We needed a 450 horsepower prime mover to move them and, in addition to the main transformer units, we needed four lowbeds and three flatbed trailers for each transformer's related auxiliaries and other parts. The total distance travelled from our staging area was 800 km to Jazan and 1,200 km to Tabuk."

Meanwhile, Paragon Saudi Services, a PCN member with offices across Saudi Arabia, transported CAT digger machines from Jeddah to Jordan. PCN representative for Chile, Waiver Logistics, delivered abnormal wind turbine components from Valparaiso port a distance 2,100 km by road to Chile Chico.