May 12 - After a 36-hour journey by sea from Shannon Airport to County Sligo, a decommissioned Boeing 767 has became one of the most unique cargo shipments ever to sail on Irish waters.

This operation had two stages; the first being the removal of the aircraft's wings, loading it onto a truck and bringing it to Knockbeg Point. The second phase involved a 750-tonne capacity crane hoisting the aircraft onto the waiting barge on the Shannon Estuary.

The aircraft is destined for the County Sligo seaside resort of Enniscrone, where it will become part of a unique glamping village being developed by businessman David McGowan.

Getting the aircraft, which weighed 50 tonnes and measured approximately 48 m in length, onto the barge was a considerable task for a team comprised of Shannon Airport employees working in conjunction with contractors for McGowan.

Deirdre Whitney, property manager at Shannon Airport said that Shannon has worked with all sorts of cargo over the years but never moved anything as unique as this or in this way.