March 21 - According to reports in the international media, Polet Airlines' second AN-124 has been arrested in the UK.

On February 14, 2014, HLPFI reported that Polet had denied reports that a court decision by the Moscow Arbitration Court to ground its two AN-124 freighter aircraft had gone ahead.

Polet told HLPFI that it had appealed to the Russian court and that the appeal was still pending.

Earlier in March, a Polet aircraft was spotted flying into Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, and now it appears that the freighter has flown to the UK carrying unknown cargoes, but what is thought to be military equipment.

Following the arrest, there are widespread concerns over rate increases now that there are only two AN-124 owners operating worldwide.

Moreover, the current geopolitical situation in Ukraine and Russia has prompted the industry to raise questions about Ruslan International's two subsidiaries that operate the AN-124s.