May 13 - Austrian heavy lift and transport specialist Prangl has acquired a nine-axle PTK 1000 all-terrain crane from Terex - which it claims is the world's most powerful road-going telescopic crane.

It was developed for major construction projects, wind farm installations, industrial construction and high-rise developments.

It features a 50 m long main boom, which can be upgraded to measure 100 m in length, and has a total maximum length of 163.5 m. On site, Prangl says the PTK 1000 has the shortest setup time of any crane in its class. A wide selection of extensions and attachments are available, all of which were designed for transport by standard semi-trailers, allowing mobilisation costs to be fully optimised.

The first job for Prangl's PTK 1000 will be at the Windpark Pretul project in Austria, some 1,600 m above sea level.