April 7 - PrimoCargo has been contracted by Mannheim, Germany based Suedkabel to transport 100 cable reels, each measuring 4.46 m x 2.85 m x 4.6 m and weighing 38 tonnes.

The 5,600-freight tonne shipment will be handled in five lots - each lot will be transported via barge to a European seaport, before being delivered to Saudi Arabia on a ro-ro vessel.

According to Axel Kaufmann, sales manager at PrimoCargo: "Using a ro-ro vessel enabled us to lash the drums with cradles, wooden wedges and chains on existing lashing holes due to the ship's infrastructure.

He added: "The need to weld to secure the cargo was not a concern like it is when using a conventional carrier."

It was the first time Suedkabel has shipped the cable drums on a ro-ro service. PrimoCargo invested in special shells that can be put in the hub of the drum to ensure secured lifting without causing any damage on the driving collar.

The project commenced during February 2016 and is scheduled for completion in July of this year.

PrimoCargo is a member of the X2 Projects network representing Germany.