November 13 - StederDelta Group SRL has joined the Project Cargo Network (PCN) representing Romania.

StederDelta Group has offices in Bucharest and Constanta and according to company director, Rory Lems: "Project and heavy-lift cargo logistics is the core business of StederDelta Group among the diverse portfolio of our high quality services.

"We are capable of handling every stage in the project, from 'ex works' to the site including rigging, installation, technical and labour support. To help us achieve this, we have an excellent relationship with many special cargo equipment owners," Lems added.

In other news at the network, Aryamasir International Transport, which joined PCN as a representative of Azerbaijan, recently loaded 2,600 tonnes of pipes from China to Bandar Abbas in Iran before trucking them to Turkmenabad in Turkmenistan (pictured).

According to general manager Afshin Daryaie, 1,731 pipe bars were loaded on a Cosco chartered vessel destined for Bandar Abbas. Upon arrival in Iran, the cargoes were discharged and 167 trucks moved out the entire shipment to Turkmenbad.