September 24 - StederDelta Group SRL has handled the transport of 1,200 cu m of cargo, including compressors and electronic equipment, from the Estonian port of Paldiski and Norwegian port of Halden, to Turkmenbashi Port in the Caspian Sea.

The cargo was shipped from its respective ports to Antwerp, where the equipment was loaded onto a vessel and delivered to Constanta, Romania, before being transported to its final destination in the Caspian.

Some of the units of cargo measured up to 7.5 m x 5.5 m x 5.5 m, and weighed 35 tonnes.

"Our company was involved in the chartering of the vessels (from the loading ports to Antwerp and from there to Constanta), the sea transport, the agency of the vessels and the full handling, manipulation and storage of the cargo in the ports," explained manager of agency and port handling, Dimitris Charisoglou. 



StederDelta also completed the transport of a gas boiler and its spare parts from Italy to Russia. The gas boiler weighed 49 tonnes and had the dimensions 13.8 m x 2.85 m x 3.56 m.

Director of StederDelta, Rory Lems, said that the biggest challenge was to deliver the gas boiler to a factory in Russia within a time frame of 16 days.

"The cargo was transported via truck to Germany where the boiler was loaded onto a Mafi trailer in order to then load it onto the vessel to St Petersburg. Once arrived, the cargo was safely discharged and transported by road to its final destination in Cherepovets, Russia," Lems explained.

StederDelta Group is a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) representing Romania, with its offices in Bucharest and Constanta.