ProMiles Software Development Corporation, a North American regulatory compliance and custom permitting technology provider, has partnered with NOVA Permits & Pilot Cars/Axys Permits for the provision of its multi jurisdiction permit management solution – Permit Manager.


ProMiles teamed up with customers, industry experts and retired state officials throughout the development of Permit Manager. It is designed to streamline and simplify the process of obtaining permits and managing oversized/overweight (OS/OW) projects. 

The paperless process ensures route compliance and enables specialised carriers to accurately quote loads, and submit permit applications, for both single-point and multi-jurisdiction OS/OW movements. When Permit Manager is combined with ProMiles’ fuel tax reporting and fuel management solutions, specialised carriers can optimise fuel purchases and manage fuel tax reporting.

NOVA/Axys will now provide its customers with the efficient permitting solution.

“We are committed to roadway safety and providing the specialised transportation industry throughout North America with a permitting solution to increase efficiencies, improve routing accuracy, and enhance all aspects of their operation” said Steven Todd, executive vice president of permitting at ProMiles Software Development Corporation. “Specialised carriers are empowered by permit manager to streamline the quoting and permitting process while also maximising productivity and bottom-line returns”.

ProMiles Permit Manager was developed by the same development team responsible for the ProMiles automated permitting system software employed by several states.