July 30 - India's Reshamsingh has handled the 1,500 km road transport of three 848-tonne VGO reactors from Kandla Port to the Bhatinda refinery.

Reshamsingh's work included receiving the reactors directly from the ship's hook onto trailer axles, and transporting the three cargoes to the jobsite. The entire transport took 90 days.

Three to four different road routes were surveyed by Reshamsingh to check the feasibility of the transport. 45 weak bridges were identified and specially designed bypasses had to be constructed in order to avoid the potentially dangerous bridges.

Each of the reactors were loaded onto a 46-axle trailer combination (two 23-axle trailers coupled side-by-side), pulled by there Volvo prime movers together with 520 horsepower.

Permission from various government authorities, including the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and the National Highway Authority of India, had to be obtained before the movement.



Reshamsingh has also recently completed the movement of 750,000 freight tonnes of cargo for a Russian nuclear plant in India, with 150 units weighing over 200 tonnes transported.

Reshamsingh managing director, Girish Pandey, explained that the company had to construct a bespoke ro-ro jetty for the job.

Reshamsingh is a family run organisation based in India, specialising in industrial project logistics with a focus on oil and energy. The company owns and operates 17 prime movers, 12 axles of Goldhofer SPMTs, as well as 160 hydraulic trailers from Goldhofer, Scheuerle, Cometto and Tratec.

"We also own three tugs and two heavy lift pontoon barges, with 10 tonnes per sq m deck strength," added Pandey.


Girish Pandey.