August 13 - Reshamsingh & Co pvt, Ltd has become the exclusive member for the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network in New Delhi, India, under the heavy haulage, cranes and barge categories.

The company recently completed the relocation of a Russian nuclear power plant to India. The project included more than 100 heavy lifts of more than 100 tonnes.
Reshamsingh also transported 32 pieces of Siemens power grid equipment, each weighing 330 tonnes, a distance of 1,500 km from an Indian port to the project site.
Reshamsingh also claimed that it set a new world record when it successfully transported three 800 tonne units a distance of 1,500 km by road for use in the Bhatinda Refinery - owned and operated by the steel and mining concern Laxmi Mittal Group. To complete the project Reshamsingh constructed 30 temporary bridges and bypasses, and coordinated a complex river crossing using pontoons.