April 8 - ALE has transported seven engines and seven generators from Lardos to the South Rhodes power plant on the Greek island of Rhodes.

ALE claims that the engines, each of which weighed 287 tonnes and measured 6.5 m x 14 m x 4.3 m, were the largest pieces ever to have been delivered to the island.

ALE used a variety of conventional trailers and SPMTs to move the heavy units 35 km through the narrow streets of Kiotari to the plant, where the modules were connected and installed using jacking and skidding systems.

The route around Kiotari presented several challenges en route, explained ALE, such as narrow streets, bridges, roads that needed reinforcement and overhead cables.

In order to overcome these challenges, ALE coordinated transport and routing designs, while working closely with the local authorities and utilities networks, meaning that the 14 pieces were delivered safely and on time.