December 8 - Senior managers at Roll-Lift have confirmed that the Dutch-based company is now fully operational with a significant fleet of mobile and heavy lift crawler cranes, as well as self propelled modular transporter (SPMT) and conventional trailers

The chairman and primary shareholder of the company, as well as its sister - the heavy lift shipping line RollDock - isFrans van Seumeren, who retired as CEO of Mammoet in May 2005, handing over to his brother Roderik.

A company spokesman has confirmed that Roll-Lift will work alongside RollDock to offer a one-stop lift, shift and transport service.

The CEO of both companies is Wout van der Zwan; with Darren Adams as Roll-Lift CCO and Jan Smout as COO.

HLPFI understands that Roll-Lift will focus on serving Russia and Latin America and is set to position crawler and telescopic cranes in the former market and smaller capacity cranes, plus SPMTs in the latter.

Readers will recall that the Van Seumeren family withdrew as a minority shareholder in Mammoet in July with Roderik van Seumeren resigning as president and CEO of the company.