August 18 - RollDock's newbuild vessel RollDock Storm has made its maiden voyage from the Belgian Port of Zeebrugge to Russia's Port of Sabetta, carrying equipment for a dredging project.

HLPFI reported that RollDock Storm had been delivered to RollDock from Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) on June 11.

RollDock explained that while the vessel was still in the shipbuilder's yard, it was awarded a contract by Belgian dredging company DEME to transport equipment for the Sabetta dredging project.

Four vessels were lifted onto RollDock Storm, including the 250-tonne LIZ V, 75-tonne Guardian, a passenger boat with the dimensions 22 m x 7.5 m x 3, plus an extra supporting vessel.

Also floated onto the vessel were 100 m long floating hoses, a pontoon measuring 30 m x 11 m x 1.95 m and the Multicat, Zwerver III, which had the dimensions 27 m x 11 m x 3 m.

With the cargo lashed and secured, RollDock Storm set sail. After a 10 day stop at Murmansk to complete Customs formalities and approvals needed to sail the Northern Sea Route (NSR), the RollDock Storm sailed via the Barents and Kara Seas to reach the final discharging location in Sabetta.



RollDock's vessel RollDock Sea has also been busy with the collection, sea transportation and delivery of four push tugs from Izmit, Turkey to Nueva Palmira in Uruguay.

The project was undertaken in stages, with two tugs being transported per journey. Upon arrival in Nueva Palmira, the push tugs were immediately discharged and put into service.



Watch a video of the transport here: