April 21 - Scheuerle unveiled its new SPMT widening adaptor, strongest power pack unit (PPU) and innovative EuroAxle independent wheel suspension technology at bauma last week.

The manufacturer's SPMT widening adaptor was initiated at the request of heavy lift and specialised transport provider Mammoet, and is intended to reduce the amount of trailers needed and the carbon footprint for specific transport projects.

As reported by HLPFI on April 12, the development makes it possible to increase the track width of a split SPMT - thereby increasing the width of the loading platform without the need to add more SPMT trailer units.

The adaptor presented at the Munich exhibition was being delivered to French haulier Scales.

Also on show at bauma was Scheuerle's new EuroAxle series, which caused quite a stir, with the manufacturer claiming that the innovation marks a new era for independent wheel suspension in the heavy transport industry.

The patented system has an extendable central beam and lateral extensions up to 3,000 mm, as well as an 850 mm drive height, a 58 degree steering angle and a width of 2,550 mm - all of which Scheuerle says guarantees a wide range of applications.

Its advantages include less maintenance, reduced tyre wear and less chance of damage from hydraulic hoses, as well as easier and safer operations, claimed the German trailer manufacturer.

Another product attracting a lot of attention at the event was Scheuerle's latest and largest power pack unit (PPU), which offers 1,000 horsepower. The unit, which was also developed in cooperation with Mammoet, is intended to reduce the number of trucks required to pull and steer super heavy loads to just one.

In a number of heavy haulage jobs involving very large pieces of cargo and multiple trailers, up to four trucks or prime movers can be required at the back and front of the load to push or brake assist the combination.

The new PPU, which forms the Trailer Power Assist (TPA) concept, can be mounted at one or either end of the trailer, or can be positioned on the prime mover to replace the counterweight for traction - removing the need for numerous tractor units.

See more about the TPA concept here.

Also on the TII Group stand was a model of Nicolas' Tractomas prime mover, which the company claims is the "world's strongest prime mover".

One of the models on the TII Group stand that also attracted interest from visitors was the SPMT Light, which is designed to move heavy payloads while maintaining a very low deadweight.