Wergeland Group and PSW Group have signed a letter of intent for the delivery of a Huisman Skyhook quayside crane at the Gulen Industrial Harbour, Norway.

The Skyhook crane has a lifting capacity of 2,600 tonnes in its regular configuration and can lift cargoes to a height of 170 m above the waterline in its high lift mode.

The crane will be deployed at the Gulden Industrial Harbour for decommissioning work. It will also be used to support the construction offshore wind turbines.

Huisman said that the harbour is ideally located to support ongoing oil and gas developments in Norway, as well as the offshore wind energy sector. The country’s first floating offshore wind farm – Hywind Tampen – is demonstrating the harbour’s potential to become a key assembly location for Norwegian offshore wind projects, added Huisman.

The deepwater port facility offers efficient backyard space for pre-assembly works, and a large available area for marshalling wind turbine components.

Trygve Wergeland, ceo at Wergeland, said: “By establishing a crane capacity such as the one we are planning with Huisman and PSW, we will contribute to cost reduction and efficient logistics for clients in the years to come. With this crane capacity, along with the drydock that is currently under construction, we can offer a complete service portfolio together with PSW.”