October 11 - Dutch-based heavy lift transport solutions provider Wagenborg Nedlift has placed the last pipe in the multi-million dollar, 302 km Nord-europ

The offshore natural gas pipeline from Vyborg, Russia to Greifswald, Germany was completed after a year of work when the last pipe was delivered by Wagenborg Nedlift to the pipeline's jobsite. 

During the term of its contract, Nedlift moved pipes from various railway stations up to the various construction sites along the route. On a daily basis, 26 wagonloads moving 78 m x 18 m x 1.4 m diameter pipes arrived at each railway station where Nedlift's staff would offload the pipes and transport them to the construction site.

Under the contract, Nedlift handled 235 wagonloads containing 17,032 pipe sections in 52,000 working hours over 1.2 million transport km in total, without any incident.