June 15 - Terex Port Solutions (TPS) has introduced its new Transace terminal tractors for ro-ro operations and container transport.

The tractors has been developed based on the machines taken over from Italian manufacturer CVS Ferrari in the spring, and will be manufactured at TPS' site in Lentigione, Italy.

While the Transace YL 230 and Transace YF 230 will cater for container operations; the Terex Transace RL 270 will be suitable for ro-ro activities.

The Transace RL 270 has a gross combination weight - total weight of the tractor, trailer and load - of up to 150 tonnes.

TPS notes that the terminal tractor driven over all four wheels can pull heavy loads and therefore can also be used in industrial environments.

The first Terex Transace units are expected to leave the Italian factory in October 2016.


The Transace RL 270 is equipped for ro-ro operations.