October 3 - Belgium-based ABL Forwarding has delivered a 109-tonne desolventiser-toaster from

The cargo consisted of the toaster, measuring 19.1 m x 5.6 m x 5.6 m, and nine additional cases, which were first collected from Çorlu and delivered to Martas port in Turkey.

At the port, a 500-tonne mobile crane loaded the toaster and cases on board the vessel, Vega, which transported the shipment to the Russian river port of Rostov-on-Don. Here the toaster was discharged by a 100-tonne port crane and a 150-tonne mobile railway crane.
From Rostov-on-Don the cargo was delivered by road to Alexeyevka on a modular multi-axle trailer, a 1,300 km journey which took six days to complete.

The desolventiser-toaster is used in the agro-industry to remove the solvent from meal, which can then be used as an ingredient in animal feed compounds, for example.