June 17 - Van der Vlist has coordinated the packing and transport of a 70-tonne unit of equipment for use in the cement industry from the Netherlands to the Port of Antwerp.

The machine comprised a large vessel skid, measuring 10.5 m x 2.5 m x 5.9 m, and a machine room with the dimensions 10.5 m x 3.4 m x 3 m. Several oversize units were dismantled to reduce the total size of the consignment.

The vessel skid could only be taken out of the construction hall with its suction arm entirely stretched out, due to the height of the entrance door. Outside the suction arm was manoeuvred into the right position.

Van der Vlist arranged lashing and securing of the individual units onto flatrack containers and organised protective export packing. Once packing operations were complete, the equipment was transported to the local quay and loaded onto a barge for shipment to the Port of Antwerp.

From Antwerp, the cargo was loaded onto a vessel for final delivery to Bangladesh.