June 2 - The WCA Projects network's tenth annual conference in Lisbon, Portugal from May 17-20 was attended by 150 members representing 60 countries.

The conference began with a brief introduction from WCA ceo Dan March, who updated members on the network's recent developments and upcoming events, as well as the services that the association offers.

Chaired by WCA Projects general manager, Bruce Cutillo, the conference welcomed Peter Bouwhuis of consultancy and training company iBrabble as keynote speaker. Bouwhuis told delegates about his Project Freight Management training programme.

Alongside one-on-one meetings and social events, attendees also heard project case studies from fellow members, including Alex McGuinness of Shipmarc Clearing & Forwarding in Kenya; Benjamin Peska of Slade Shipping in the USA; Jevgenij Fedoranko from Transocean Eesti in Estonia; and N. Thaswin of Malaysia's Mory-TNTE Mondial Express.

The WCA Projects network presented its 2015 Best Partner Project Awards, recognising Paccon Logistics as the best partner in Africa; MS Global Freight Solutions in Asia; Steder Group in Europe; Titan Sea & Air Services for the Indian Subcontinent; Inter American Cargo Group in Latin America; Bridgeway Shipping & Clearing Services in the Middle East; and Midrex Global Logistics for North America.

MS Global Freight Solutions was also awarded the Top Worldwide Agent of 2015 prize for the second year running.

The next WCA Projects conference will be held in May 2017, with the location to be announced shortly.