March 14 - WWL ALS UK International has coordinated the transport of two 7 m wide flanges from St Helens to Hartlepool in the UK.

The two flanges, which weighed 7.5 tonnes each, were transported at an angle in a tilt frame reducing the overall width of the configuration to 6 m, in order to reach the final project jobsite.
A 30 cm wafer deck low-loader was used to transport the flanges to maximise the angle and to reduce the transport width as much as possible.

WWL ALS' in-house permit and escort team conducted the necessary route surveys prior to executing the project; a WWL ALS team accompanied the shipment en route to maintain close contact with the necessary authorities.

Merseyside police provided four police vehicles to assist the move, which involved the removal of several items of street furniture in the St Helens area.

WWL ALS has also recently transported a 32-tonne Terex 883 tracked screen from Ireland to Kazakhstan.
The 14.7 m x 3 m x 3.4 m vehicle was transported from its manufacturing facility in Ireland to a storage facility prior to Christmas.

Once ready to move WWL ALS transported the tracked screen, valued at approximately GBP100,000 (USD166,190), by semi low-loader to a local port where it was loaded onto a vessel destined for Estonia. Upon arrival, the machine was discharged onto a rail wagon for oncarriage to its final destination in Kazakhstan.