September 30 - WWL ALS UK Int'l appointed the Allelys Group to transport a 300-tonne cable reel over 77 km by road from its production factory in Worksop to the UK port of Goole, using its 500-tonne capacity Goldhofer girder bridge for the first time.

Allelys explained that it began working on route clearances many months prior to the transport, ensuring that the bridges had suitable capacity and street furniture could be safely removed on the night of the delivery.

The company also used swept path analysis software to demonstrate that the load could be moved with minimum disruption along the proposed route.

Before the cargo could be moved, Allelys' installation division was called on to jack and skid the reel from its reel carrier using a 400-tonne capacity four-point hydraulic lifting system.

Once the carrier was skated away and the reel loaded onboard Allelys' Goldhofer Faktor 5 girder bridge trailer, which was delivered to the company back in June 2014, the cable reel began its journey to Goole under full police escort.

The transport combination was required to negotiate several roundabouts en route, before joining the UK trunk road network, explained the Warwickshire based heavy haulage company.

Allelys added that it was also responsible for the planning and organisation of the motorway contraflow, ensuring that both its staff and the general public were able to proceed safely with minimum disruption.