January 15 - Allseas Global has established new offices in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey, formed a joint venture in Pakistan, signed a partnership agreement in Kuwait and Iraq, and continued the expansion of its Dubai office.

Allseas' new Central Asian network of offices and door-to-door services has been created in response to increasing demand for high-level logistics support in the region, said group project manager, Des Nott, who will be overseeing the network. "There are some incredibly big projects going on in the region, including infrastructure and oil and gas developments. A lot of cargo movement is happening."

In Georgia, Allseas has opened offices in Tbilisi and the Black Sea port city of Poti, where a team of eight staff will be managed by Nott and Selim Nurlu.

By the middle of January, Allseas will have opened a fully-staffed office in Baku, Azerbaijan, ready to handle the huge number of infrastructure and oil and gas developments taking place in the region.

The company will also open two offices in Turkey, in Mersin and Istanbul. The Mersin office will also come under the direction of Nott and Nurlu, while Allseas has appointed Gürkan Yucekaya as project manager for the branch in Istanbul.

Allseas' Dubai office, which is headed up by regional manager for the Middle East, Paula Bellamy, now houses a team of eight, and Nott says that the operation will serve the UAE and Middle East Gulf, as well as Iraq and the wider Central Asian region.

Last year, Allseas set up a joint venture with Pakistan's Raaziq International to help maintain two critical supply chain corridors into and out of Afghanistan, which was reported by HLPFI on June 24, 2014.

Allseas is also working closely with forwarder, SABA International, which has a strong presence in both Iraq and Kuwait, to provide secure transport routes, trucks and trailers, and warehousing.

Nott emphasised the importance of working with partners experienced in local regions: "When you have time-sensitive projects or cargoes, you need to have people you can rely on. They [Allseas' partners] have proven track records and know how to move consignments in the terrain, while working around political and military flare-ups."


Des Nott, who will be overseeing the new network.