Blue Water Shipping has appointed Steffen Juhl Andersen as its chief information officer.

Steffen Juhl Andersen blue water

Steffen Juhl Andersen.

Andersen has longstanding experience in the IT sector and joins Blue Water from IBM, where he was associate partner. “I am looking forward to joining Blue Water and contributing to the current, strong development that has taken place on the IT side over the past two to three years. Blue Water has a strong and competent IT organisation, and the ambition is to continue and increase the close cooperation between IT and the operation. It is super important that the core IT platforms and infrastructure run stable and efficiently. In addition, we should focus on digital innovation to strengthen our position in the market, he said.

Flemming Busch, Blue Water’s chief financial officer, added: “Our most important task is to transport our customers’ goods safely and efficiently, however, our customers’ needs and requirements for data, KPIs and transparency are growing, and we therefore continue to invest significantly in our IT organisation and our digital setup.”