November 26 - Next week will see the port of Antwerp handle what is claimed to be its largest-ever cargo, weighing 1,050 tonnes and measuring 24 m in length, 11 m in width and 23 m in height.

Scheduled to take place on December 2, at 21.30, the load will be moved some 5 km by ALE, alongside Belgium-based Aertssen, from its lay down point at quay 363 along Scheldelaan to a refinery that is being developed as part of Total's EUR1 billion (USD1.25 billion) investment in its refining and petrochemical complex in Antwerp. 

The first modules started transportation from the manufacturing yard in Tarragona, Spain, onto a heavy lift ship to Belgium in October. Once in Antwerp, the joint venture company has been using 80 axle lines of SPMTs to transport several heavy modules and have used large telescopic and crawler cranes for installation.

Yannick Sel, sales manager at ALE - Projects, claimed: "Previous loads have never exceeded 800 tonnes so transporting the port's heaviest load ever weighing is an historic moment we are proud to be a part of."