China Navigation Company (CNCo) has been renamed to Swire Shipping, as part of its strategy to streamline its brands.

Swire Shipping is widely recognised as the operating name of the business and is well-established from a commercial and customer-facing perspective. Therefore, it is logical for us to use Swire Shipping as the primary name,” said James Woodrow, managing director of Swire Shipping.

“The name change is expected to be seamless. It will not impact the existing nature and structure of the company, nor will it affect existing relations with customers, partners, suppliers, financial institutions, manufacturing, contracts, personnel and/or shareholders.”

Following the renaming, Swire Shipping will continue to be focused on the Pacific. “We will continue to be a leading provider of a wide range of specialist customer solutions for various types of cargo and continue to grow our end-to-end offering,” Woodrow added.