December 17 - Collett Transport has relocated what is claimed to be the world's fastest car, Thrust SSC, and its predecessor, Thrust 2, whilst a redevelopment project is taking place at Coventry Transport Museum in the UK.

The project involved the relocation of the two vehicles from the museum's Spirit of Speed gallery to their new home at the Biffa Award Land Speed Record gallery, set to open in early 2015.

The relocation required Collett to develop specialist slinging, lifting, transport and logistical solutions, as well as bespoke insurance before the actual move. 

Once all transport and heavy lift teams were in place, Thrust 2 was hoisted over the rear gates of the museum, before being lowered and secured onto Collett's waiting low loader trailer. 

The 54 ft (16.5 m) long Thrust SSC, which weighed 10 tonnes, was then also lifted over the museum gates and lowered onto a seven-axle wide trailer, which was necessary in order to support the extra wide wheel base of the vehicle.

The two trailers were then driven around the outskirts of the building and reversed into position, ready to be unloaded and lifted into their new position one at a time. 

Thrust SSC has been a centrepiece in the Coventry Transport Museum's collection since 2001. Its predecessor Thrust 2 held the land speed record from 1983 with a speed of 633.468 mph, until Thrust SSC broke the sound barrier by achieving a speed of 763 mph in 1997. 


Thrust SSC.


Thrust 2.

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