January 8 - Collett Transport has added three Nooteboom Super Wing Carriers to its fleet.

Collett explained that since wind turbine blades now often measure over 50 m long, traditional flatbed and extendable trailers are no longer the best available option for transporting such units.

Consequently, the UK haulier has invested in three Super Wing Carriers, which are extendable from 18.65 m to 64.3 m, meaning that Collett can transport blades measuring up to 80 m long.

The vehicles feature pendulum axles, which provide a 60 degree steering angle and significantly more suspension travel for extra ground clearance and added platform stability, said Collett.

Another feature of the Nooteboom carriers is the hydraulically adjustable gooseneck, which can be fully loaded and driven at any ride height. Collett explained that even with the gooseneck at its maximum height, the trailer bed remains horizontal, allowing the tractor to manoeuvre easily and negotiate any complex route sections.

The Super Wing Carriers also have the ability to extend or retract the rear axle assembly by more than 6 m utilising a sliding bolster, which results in an adjustable wheelbase without touching the load.