February 4 - Hamburg-based Container-Transport-Dienst has added a four-axle heavy-load chassis to the three-axle telescopic chassis previously deployed for handling oversize and heavy cargoes.

Long-term permits have been granted for handling out-of-gauge cargoes in the Port of Hamburg and for the whole of Germany. The four-axle vehicle can transport additional cargo weighing up to 34 tonnes with a maximum width of 3.49 m and height of 3.2 m, while the low-loader can handle load heights of up to 3.95 m within the Port of Hamburg.

The impending acquisition of a three-axle tractor will enable loads of up to 38 tonnes to be moved.

HHLA's CTD container trucking subsidiary has specialised in transfers within the port and delivery of containers of every type to customers all over Germany. CTD can also handle the shipment of heavy goods transport all over Europe.

Thomas Guter, a proven expert in this area, was recently employed. Guter had worked for Spedition Gevers in Hamburg, a forwarder specialising in oversized loads.