January 4 - The crew of Hoegh Osaka, a car transporter which ran aground off the south coast of the UK, have been safely rescued.

The ship, which is owned and operated by Hoegh Autoliners, was bound for Germany when it ran on to the Bramble Bank, in the entrance to Southampton Water, on Saturday evening.

"Hoegh Autoliners are currently assessing damage and stability issues on board its vessel, which suffered a heavy list earlier yesterday evening after leaving Southampton Port," the company said in a statement.

"The Marine Accident Incident Branch (MAIB) has been informed.

"Two Svitzer tugs & two further Solent-based tugs are presently in attendance by the vessel.

"The crew have confirmed that the vessel is not taking in any water and it is presently in a stable position with the current list.

"A salvage master has been appointed and Höegh Autoliners is fully co-operating with all the authorities at this time to ensure the vessel remains safe. No pollution has been reported."