Freight forwarder DB Schenker is coordinating the delivery of 876 cable drums from Kobe, Japan and Mannheim, Germany, as part of Amprion’s Corridor A-North high-voltage grid transmission system.

DB Schenker lands cable project

Source: DB Schenker

On behalf of Sumitomo Electric Industries, DB Schenker is delivering the drums to three locations in Germany: Emden, Wesel and Krefeld. They will be stored until they are needed at the construction sites, which will enable wind energy from the North Sea to be used in the western part of Germany. 

Daniel Wieland, senior vice president global projects and industry solutions at DB Schenker, said: “Our global team of experts is orchestrating this extensive large-scale project. Our project specialists are providing our client with customised, safe and reliable services, from the design, planning and coordination of the multimodal transports to Customs clearance, storage and delivery.” 

The cable drums, which weigh up to 85 tonnes each, can have a diameter of more than 4 m and be up to 8 m long. From the Japanese construction site, DB Schenker will transport the cable drums to an ocean-going vessel at the port of Kobe to Emden or the western ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. From there, they will be transported to Krefeld and Wesel by inland waterway vessel. 

DB Schenker is also transporting cable drums from a second production site, in Mannheim, to the three interim warehouses by inland waterway vessel and heavy goods vehicle. 

The forwarder is responsible for the coordination of all modes of transport, pre-carriage ex works by truck and inland waterway vessel, port handling, cargo monitoring and the chartering of multipurpose cargo ships, Customs clearance, special permits and the provision, organisation and monitoring of more than 11,000 sq m of interim storage facilities in Emden, Wesel and Krefeld.