Drewry and Freightender have entered into a partnership to deliver an all-in-one procurement e-solution to medium-sized shippers.

The partnership will combine Drewry’s ocean freight cost benchmarking and procurement support services with Freightender’s cloud-based, next generation procurement technology platform.

Marketed under Drewry’s existing e-Sourcing Ocean Freight Solution (eSOFS) brand, it enables shippers to access “cutting-edge, affordable technology, market insight and best practices applied to bid planning, contract capacity clauses, carrier management and related areas,” Drewry said.

Philip Damas, head of Drewry’s logistics practice, said: “The Drewry-Freightender partnership is a powerful combination to enable shippers to plan and manage increasingly difficult ocean tenders, while addressing the need to secure capacity and mitigate unavoidable cost increases.”

Drewry and Freightender believe their partnership will make bid technology and bid best practices accessible to medium-sized shippers, much like the cost benchmarking services already used by larger organisations.