January 19 - Expansive growth in the energy sector has persuaded CEVA Logistics, a leading global supply chain management company, to increase its presence in West Africa and Central Asia, areas which will be managed under CEVA's Southern Europe, Middle E

CEVA cites a growing customer base in the energy sector and the move represents a significant strategic opportunity to become the leading player in these geographies, says the forwarder.

CEVA has decided to establish its own offices, and has recently incorporated its own subsidiaries in Angola, Congo and Nigeria, managed by a team of highly qualified professionals, while Central Asia is also a very promising market for energy organisations, which are increasingly investing in the area.

CEVA has consolidated its presence by creating its own network of offices, in particular in Kazakhstan with headquarters in Almaty and a branch in Aktau. The office in Almaty will also function as the co-ordination point for operations in Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Gianfranco Sgro, president of CEVA's SEMEA region, claims: "We also have a unique knowledge of local countries and the specific requirements of our energy customers which will be crucial factors in our goal of becoming the most admired energy logistics provider in these countries within three years."