May 20 - Evergreen Helicopters - the wholly owned subsidiary of Portland, Oregon headquartered Erickson Air-Crane - has purchased five aircraft for USD10.1 million.

The five aircraft have been leased from a third-party in the past but have now been purchased by Evergreen Helicopters. The acquired aircraft include two Bell 214ST helicopters, one Casa 212-CC and two Beechcraft 1900D airplanes.

Udo Rieder, ceo of Erickson Air-Crane, commented: "Given our strong financial position and flexibility, we decided to opportunistically purchase some aircraft which we consider key to our product offering, while at the same time eliminating an annual and future lease obligations."

Erickson Air-Crane - a provider of heavy lift transportation services and manufacturer of the Erickson S64 helicopter ­- completed its acquisition of Evergreen Helicopters from Evergreen International Aviation during March 2013, in a deal worth approximately USD200 million (