February 10 - Indian logistics and transport company Lee & Muirhead has invested in a Faktor 5 high girder bridge from Goldhofer for use in power generation projects.

"In the next few years, more than thirty major refurbishment projects are scheduled in the power generation industry as the power stations no longer have the generating capacities needed today," said Lee & Muirhead ceo Pankaj Gadhia.

"Tomorrow's power plants will be in the 660-800 MW range. We have to be prepared for these developments, especially with regard to the equipment required to transport the stators for the generators. They make very heavy loads, weighing anything between 350 and 450 tonnes. With our new Faktor 5 from Goldhofer, we are now ideally equipped to handle such projects with maximum efficiency."

With a deadweight of 100 tonnes, the Faktor 5 high girder bridge can handle loads weighing up to 500 tonnes. Named Hanuman after the Indian monkey god, Goldhofer says that Lee & Muirhead's new girder bridge is ideally suited for challenging transport operations, such as on bridges or other load-sensitive structures.

"Road transport regulations in India are particularly strict, and we need Faktor 5 to be able to transport generators and stators the length and breadth of the country and deliver them right to the construction site," Gadhia continued.

He explained that a lot of heavy haul contracts in India specify the use of Goldhofer axle lines in the invitations to tender, meaning that those companies with the wrong fleet do not have the chance of landing the contract.

"A high girder bridge from Goldhofer is clearly an enormous investment for us, all the more so as customers in India are not willing to pay the kind of money for logistics services that are normal in Europe, for example," added Gadhia.