January 25 - Faymonville has launched its TeleMAX - a flatdeck semi-trailer extendable to a maximum length of 210 ft (64 m) - for the North American market.

After the successful launch of the HighwayMAX and DualMAX in North America, Faymonville explained that it decided to also adapt its TeleMAX trailer to fulfil Department of Transportation (DOT) standards in the region.

Due to its telescopic loading deck, Faymonville says that the TeleMAX vehicle, which is available with three or four axles, is ideally suited to the transport of long and bulky loads.

Moreover, said the manufacturer, its lightweight construction, steering angle and low loading deck height guarantees optimum manoeuvrability with the highest possible payload. The TeleMAX trailer is also equipped with hydraulically steerable axles.

"This trailer is great for the 150 ft (45.7 m) blade moulds that we have had to move for Vestas," said Steve Sharp, owner of Steve Sharp Transportation, which was one of the first US companies to invest in the Faymonville product. "For doing work inside gas plants and for wind farms, it's been a good investment."