Geodis’ freight forwarding business division is implementing a preventative care programme (PCP) – a health and safety strategy to maintain the safest possible working environment for its employees.

The programme will first commence for employees involved in project logistics activities in all five global regions of operation over the next three months. As this work involves the more hazardous transport of heavy and oversized loads this is the most relevant sector, Geodis said.

The programme moves through four sequential levels, each with a number of steps or modules designed to equip each member of staff with such skills as risk assessment, safety awareness, behavioural safety coaching and leadership in best practice.

Eric Martin-Neuville, executive vice president of freight forwarding at Geodis, said: “One of the corporate golden rules of Geodis is to ‘ensure the safety of our people everywhere and at all times’. The PCP that we are embarking on is designed to fulfil this aim by guaranteeing that QHSE responsibilities are understood and embraced by all.”