August 6 - Global freight forwarder Geodis Wilson has expanded its operations in Atlanta, USA into a new, larger, state-of-the-art facility.

This will enable it to meet the ever-new and demanding regulatory requirements, growth and increased demand for supply chain solutions, says the company. The new facility is 7,800 sq m in area.

"The newly expanded Atlanta facility will be a model for future growth and expansion in the US market for Geodis Wilson," says Nancy Costo, Eastern US COO.

Geodis Wilson has also invested in the necessary infrastructure in Atlanta to become one of several new Certified Cargo Screening Facilities (CCSFs) in the United States.

This investment provides Geodis Wilson with the equipment, facility, security enhancements and trained staff in order to provide shippers with freight screening in compliance with the TSA's (Transportation Security Administration) new 100argo screening mandate for all passenger aircraft.

Geodis Wilson's Industrial Projects division is involved in heavy lift operations. One sector it supports is wind energy logistics.

As the freight forwarding arm of the Geodis Group, Geodis Wilson grew out of the merger of Geodis Overseas, TNT Freight Management, and Rohde & Liesenfeld. In 2008 the group became part of the French rail and freight group SNCF.