January 27 - John Good Shipping is opening a refurbished, 2,200 sq ft (204.4 sq m) office at Burlington House near the Port of Liverpool, to further expand its freight forwarding, ship agency and airfreight activities in the northwest of the UK.

John Good Shipping claims that Peel Ports' GBP400 million (USD503.5 million) investment over the past three years constructing the Liverpool2 container port extension has been an important driver for this development.

"We are convinced the opening of Liverpool2 will create significant opportunities to further expand our agency, freight forwarding and airfreight opportunities in this key region," commented Seamus Jennings, managing director of John Good Shipping. "The Port of Liverpool provides a fantastic gateway and a more competitive route to international markets for exporters based in the north (of the UK) and we want to be a part of this."

The office will be headed up by Barrie Taylor and a senior management team comprising Keith Hughan, Steve Drury, Julie Godsall and Danielle Johnson.