April 12 - The Swedish-headquartered logistics specialist Greencarrier, which has in recent years expanded substantially within the Nordic countries and the Baltic states, has signed an agreement today to acquire PTS UK Ltd, with the acquisition expected

PTS UK Ltd, which is to be renamed Greencarrier PTS Ltd in due course, is headquartered in Ipswich and has been working with Greencarrier as its UK partner for five years. The company's management team will all be retained.

PTS managing director Robert Gaunt says: "Greencarrier will provide us with access to greater management resources and expertise, and of course to a much bigger market, notably in the Nordic countries and the Baltic states. "

According to Peter Nevhagen (pictured below), CEO of Greencarrier International, PTS is a major acquisition as it is increasing the Greencarrier workforce by almost 14 percent.

"Greencarrier already had 300 employees working in 26 offices in nine countries and now we are adding another two offices in the UK, in Ipswich and Immingham, where PTS has about 40 employees in total."