December 2 - Havator Transport AB, a part of Havator Group, has taken over Trailer Consult i

As part of the transaction, Havator Transport has acquired a vehicle fleet - including 11 towing vehicles, 14 trailers and some light vehicles - half of which is suitable for heavy and special transport.

Havator Transport and Trailer Consult has a long working relationship with the latter acting as a subcontractor for local transport and crane transfers.

Kenneth Wall, managing director of Trailer Consult says: "We have long experience of cooperation with Havator. I see excellent possibilities to further develop our operation as part of a large group."

According to the management of Havator Transport, the transaction strengthens its position in Sweden and especially in the East coast / Norrköping region.

"The acquisition is a significant step in developing special transport business in Sweden and Havator Transport's growth strategy", says Timo Riiho, managing director of Havator Transport.