February 1 - With immediate effect, Roger Iliffe is leaving Hansa Heavy Lift and will be replaced by Steve Dawson and Alex Karakassis as managing directors.

Dawson will oversee the shipping line's engineering, technical, and operational activities, and Karakassis, who remains chief financial officer (cfo), will oversee the company's commercial and financial activities. Both have been with the company since its inception in 2011.

An official statement says that Iliffe "has left in order to focus on independently pursuing other opportunities".

Dawson has extensive engineering expertise and over 37 years of shipping experience as a seagoing chief engineer, and holds a mechanical engineering degree from Newcastle University, UK. He joined the company as director ship management in 2011 and remains in charge of this division.

Karakassis has over 25 years of financial experience, including roles in managing investment banking and capital markets projects with Citigroup in London, and holds an MBA degree from the Harvard Business School. He also joined the company in 2011 as cfo.