Global marine insurer North P&I has introduced a Covid-19 tracking tool, which has been made available to the International Group of P&I Clubs.

The tool details the extent of the Covid-19 outbreak and the numerous response measures taken in a single digital dashboard, including country and port-specific advice for shipowners, charterers, operators and others.

The tool, which was released by North in February, was launched via the International Group website earlier this week. The system draws on information provided by IG club correspondents, as well as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and World Health Organization (WHO). Data is also supplied by Wilhelmsen Ship Management and ship agency GAC, while John Hopkins University provides a continuously updated map of the pandemic’s spread. 

“Delivering up-to-date information from well-respected international sources, combined with the insights from the P&I club members of the International Group, this new tool will help the maritime community better understand and track the extent of Covid-19 worldwide,” said North chief executive, Paul Jennings. “This can help protect businesses and most importantly safeguard the lives of the seafarers whom we depend upon daily to keep our local communities supplied with essential goods.”

Live updates on the number of confirmed cases of the virus, countries at risk and what to look out for would put stakeholders in a better position to identify commercial risks and physical threats to shipping, said Jennings. 

To date, Covid-19-related enquiries fielded by North have focused on the way port precautions and border measures are hindering crew repatriations, and problems in delivering general medical care.

Jennings said other early issues to emerge included repair contracts for vessels at shipyards and when force majeure provisions might apply, as well as the application of bespoke Covid-19 clauses into charter parties. For the moment, the cargo claims situation was “masked”, he said.