August 22 - In the USA, JAXPORT's ongoing investment could be seen as three container cranes arrived at the port's Blount Island Marine Terminal aboard the ZPMC semi-submersible ship, Zhen Hua 14, which departed from Shanghai, China in early June. They wi

The new container cranes are equipped to service wider, post-Panamax vessels with the ability to reach across 22 containers, a significant increase from the 16 container capabilities of the terminal's current cranes. Each electric crane will work on regenerative power, consuming power during the lifting of containers and creating energy as they lower. The use of electricity will increase energy efficiencies and reduce emissions.

Brian Taylor ceo of JAXPORT said: "The addition of these cranes is a critical step toward supporting the ever-larger ships calling on the port through the Suez Canal as well as the newly expanded Panama Canal."

JAXPORT's long-term strategic plan calls for the purchase of a total of ten 100-gauge cranes for Blount Island in the next 10 years.

In 2014, JAXPORT awarded a USD37.6 million contract to Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries (ZPMC), for the manufacturing, delivery and installation of the cranes. Shaw GVB, a subsidiary of Chicago Bridge and Infrastructure, provided engineering services before and during construction.

The Florida Department of Transportation awarded JAXPORT a USD15 million grant toward the purchase.

Watch video of the crane arrival here: